Washington University considers advising to be an important part of the educational experience. On the Advisors page in WebSTAC is a list of the advisors that are currently assigned to students. Most students usually have at least one faculty advisor; depending on their college and program, they may have additional advisors. Students are generally required to meet with their academic advisors prior to registration in order to receive registration authorization for that semester. The Advisors page also provides information on Electronic Registration Authorization (ERA) status for the upcoming semester.

Change Major

Undergraduate students in most schools can change their First Major to a different major within their school. This requires approval and in some cases a meeting with a Department representative or with an advisor.

Click here to review Majors in the Undergraduate Bulletin Open the Major Program Form Add a Major Undergraduate students can pursue a second major either in their own school or in another school. This requires approval and in some cases a meeting with a Department representative or with an advisor.

Click here to review Majors in the Undergraduate Bulletin Open the Major Program Form

Change School

Undergraduate students may request a transfer to another Washington University undergraduate school. This process requires meeting with a transfer dean and receiving approval from both schools. You are encouraged to first talk with your academic advisor about your plans. You are also welcome to talk about your goals and academics with a dean in the school into which you wish to move.

Click here for information on contacting a Change WU School Transfer dean. Open the Change WU School Form Add a School Undergraduate students can work towards degrees from two different schools at Washington University. The Dual Degree option requires a minimum of 150 hours of work and satisfaction of the degree requirements in both schools. You should contact a dean in each of the schools to discuss this possibility.

Click here for information on contacting deans about a Dual Degree Click here for the Undergraduate Bulletin Open the Dual Degree Form

Graduate and Evening Division Programs

Interdivision transfers involving graduate programs or the evening divisions of the university are handled administratively by the schools and cannot be initiated using WebSTAC. Undergraduate students interested in pursuing a 3/2 program or the accelerated Master of Arts degree should discuss those options wth their academic advisor. Details on these and other program requirements are available in the undergraduate and graduate bulletins

Click here for the Undergraduate Bulletin Click here for the Graduate School Web Site (and A.B./A.M. application form)

Course Summary

The Course Summary report in WebSTAC lists all of the courses a student has taken at Washington University in course number order. Students may find this a convenient alternative to the semester-based Unofficial Transcript for reviewing course history.


The Grades report at WebSTAC is intended to give the student a means of quickly viewing midterm and final grades for a single semester. Grade information is displayed at WebSTAC immediately upon being posted to the student’s record by the faculty member or dean’s office. Students who want to provide documentation of grades to parents or a third party may find the printed version of this report useful.


Students may view their Semester and Cumulative grade point averages on this report. Note: Semester and Cumulative GPA’s are recomputed overnight; the GPA is not immediately recalculated during the day when a grade is posted to the student’s record. The grade point values for specific grades as well as special rules regarding the treatment of individual courses in the GPA calculation are defined by the student’s academic division and may vary from school to school.

Intent to Graduate

All Washington University students are required to file an Intent to Graduate in order to graduate or participate in Commencement exercises. Most schools require that the student file his/her Intent online at WebSTAC through this menu item. The deadline dates for filing an Intent to Graduate are established by the schools and are generally in the semester prior to graduation. Once the student’s Intent to Graduate has been processed by the Office of the University Registrar, the student will no longer be able to update certain data elements on his/her Intent through WebSTAC.

Major Programs

Major Program is the term Washington Unversity uses to refers to a program of student by a student. The Major Programs feature at WebSTAC allows student to review their program and allows most undergraduates to request new programs or drop old ones.

Order Transcripts

Danforth Campus students may request an official transcript by submitting an online request through WebSTAC. There is a five dollar charge for each official transcript. Click here for additional information about transcripts. NOTE: Students who attended the WU School of Medicine must request transcripts through the Registrar’s Office at the Medical School.

Scores and Placements

Scores and Placements

Unofficial Transcript

The Unofficial Transcript is an unofficial transcript of the student’s complete academic record at Washington University. Information on the report is grouped into various categories for easy review. The printout is the only place in WebSTAC where the student’s Social Security Number is displayed. If your SSN is incorrect, please contact the Office of the University Registrar and provide documentation of the correct number.

Printer Friendly Version: The Unofficial Transcript can be converted to a PDF and printed. In order to do this, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on the device you are using to access your unofficial transcript (computer and/or tablet). In addition, pop-up blockers must be disabled on the browser(s) you are using.


The Verification page provides information on how to request verification on enrollments or degrees earned from Washington University.