The Grades report at WebSTAC is intended to give the student a means of quickly viewing midterm and final grades for a single semester. Grade information is displayed at WebSTAC immediately upon being posted to the student’s record by the faculty member or dean’s office. Students who want to provide documentation of grades to parents or third party may find the printed version of this report useful. Below is a list of Grades and their meaning.

A+/A/A- Superior
B+/B/B-Good or Very Good
  D+/D/D-Unsatisfactory but passable or Low Pass
CR/CR#Credit or Pass
HPHigh Pass
IPIn Progress
LSuccessful Audit
LPLow Pass
NNo Grade Reported
NCR/NCR#No Credit or Failing
NPNo Pas
P/P#  Pass
XNo Final Exams Taken
ZUnsuccessful Audit


Students may view their Semester and Cumulative grade point averages on this report. The GPA is not immediately recalculated during the day when a grade is posted to the student’s record. GPA’s are recomputed overnight. The grade point values for specific grades as well as special rules regarding the treatment of individual courses in the GPA calculation are defined by the student’s academic division and may vary from school to school.