Class Schedule

View or print a copy of your class schedule from this screen. Information displayed includes the course number and title, section number and lab/discussion groups, grading option, class meeting days/times, start/end dates of the course (if not full term), and a final exam schedule. Also provided is a schedule grid to help you visually organize your class time.

Class Schedule w/ Map

This feature integrates your semester with a map of most of the Danforth Campus. The buildings on your schedule are highlighted on the map.

Course Listings

The Course Listings web site reflects current information about course offerings, and provides various tools for searching and displaying information about University courses. Course information is subject to change, so students are advised to always check the web listings or their WebSTAC Class Schedule for the most current class and room information.


Students in most academic divisions of the University register for classes online using WebSTAC during controlled registration periods; some students may be registered administratively. Priority dates and times for online registration are assigned to all students and are displayed on the student’s Registration screen at WebSTAC. Contact your school if you have questions about the registration schedule. Students must be admitted to one of the schools or colleges of the University in order to register for classes (outside of University College). Most students seeking degrees are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. Refer to the Advisors page in WebSTAC for more information and to check your Electronic Registration Authorization (ERA) status. Review Registration Help for tips and tricks. Registration activities like adding, dropping, and changing grade options, may only be made between 7:30am and 9pm central standard time. University College students may register through UCOnline or in person at the University College Office in January Hall. Students in other divisions of the University wishing to enroll in University College courses must register through WebSTAC and obtain approval of their dean.

Please Note: Students who have a hold on their academic record will not be able to use the registration functions in WebSTAC or UCOnline. Prior to registration students should verify that there are no holds on their record. Students with a hold should check with the department that placed the hold to resolve the matter.

Undergraduate students can drop below 12 units prior to the end of the drop/add period. However, if they attempt to drop below 12 units after the drop add period, they are prevented from doing so. They see this message: “ERROR: Students in your division are not permitted to drop below 12 credit hours from WebSTAC at this point in the semester. Please contact the student services area in your school to discuss the situation. If approved, one or more courses may be dropped for you administratively.”

F1 undergrads see a different notice at WebSTAC if they try to drop below the INS fulltime units: “ERROR: As an F-1 student you are not allowed to drop below 12 credits. For information or to obtain authorization on an exceptional basis, please contact the Office for International Students and Scholars at Stix House.

Graduate students are able to drop below the INS fulltime units number set by each division. When a student drops below INS full-time units at WebSTAC, he/she sees a message like this message: “Dropping below full-time status is not considered official without approval from the Office for International Students and Scholars. Please consult with that office at Stix House if you have dropped below full-time status. DROPPED: You have been dropped from E81 502N 01.”

Registration Worksheet

Use the Registration Worksheet tool in WebSTAC to select courses ahead of time and plan your schedule. The worksheet lets students identify first and second choices and displays a schedule grid of chosen courses. When the controlled registration period has opened and students are able to register, students can use their worksheet selections to move through the registration process more quickly.