Hold on a student’s academic record will block that student from using the online registration functions at WebSTAC (add, drop, change course grading options, etc.) and will prevent the student from having any official transcripts released by the University.

Students with a Hold on their records should promptly check with the department that placed the Hold to resolve any questions about the nature of the Hold or the course of action required in order to have the Hold removed.

Below is a partial list of the most common Holds and the phone number or email to contact for assistance in resolving the problem.

  • Collections Office – (314) 935-5728
  • College Writing Program Office – (314) 935-4899
  • Office of Student Conduct (Academic Integrity hold) – (314) 935-7296
  • Olin Library – (314) 935-5420
  • Parking and Transportation Services – (314) 935-5601
  • Student Accounting – (314) 935-5274
  • Student Health Services – (314) 935-6666
  • Title IX Office – (314) 935-6452 or jcrean@wustl.edu

Contact your primary school for help with academic holds placed by your School’s Dean’s Office