WebSTAC is primary web application that student’s use to manage their academic information. It is available at https://webstac.wustl.edu.

What is my ID number?

All students are assigned an ID Number which is printed on your WU student ID Card. For login at WebSTAC you can also use your Social Security Number (without dashes) as an ID.

I’m a new student. When will I get the Password needed for login at WebSTAC?

Most new students are sent a student ID number and Password for WebSTAC in the mail before arriving on campus to begin classes. You can also obtain this information in person from your school registrar or the Student Services office in your school, or when you receive your student ID Card in the Office of Student Records. Note: you will need to show some form of photo identification in order to obtain ID or Password information in person.

How do I get an unofficial transcript?

The Student Record Printout on the WebSTAC menu is a complete but unofficial version of your academic record and contains all of the information that will print on an official transcript.

When do I get my grades?

Our faculty submit course grades electronically. As soon as your grades have been received you’ll be able to see them at WebSTAC. Select “Grades” from the menu to review or print a copy of your semester grades; select “Student Record Printout” to review or print your entire academic record.

Washington University does not mail midterm or final grades home to the student’s parents. It is the student’s responsibility to share this information.

My GPA is wrong. It doesn’t include the grades that were just posted.

Grade point average (GPA) information is recalculated every night and picks up any changes made that day. If you are looking at your GPA in WebSTAC on the same day that a faculty member entered one or more grades, your GPA will not yet have been updated. Check WebSTAC again the next day.

Not all grades may be included in your GPA. Each school has its own rules determining how grades are assigned and which courses and grades count toward earned units and grade point average. Check with your dean’s office or the Bulletin for your school for details on grading.

My e-mail address in WebSTAC is wrong. How do I fix it?

If you are a current student and were assigned an e-mail address by your school, you may not be permitted to change it at WebSTAC, however you may be allowed to forward your school mail to another address. Check with your school for details. All school-assigned e-mail addresses at WU are also automatically given an @wustl.edu address as an alias which you may modify to some extent. Click here for more information on University Email Addresses.

If you are a former student, we encourage you to update your e-mail address at WebSTAC and keep it current. Log in and choose ‘E-mail Address’ from the menu bar, then follow the on-screen instructions.

My ID Card doesn’t work. How do I get it fixed?

Click here for information about student ID Cards and where to get help with card problems.