Your WUSTL Key is a Login ID and Password that is used to access many applications across the University.

Getting a WUSTL Key

The process of getting your WUSTL Key starts with an activation email that is sent to you from Office of the University Registrar. It will allow you to create your WUSTL Key and WU email. Use your WUSTL key to into WebSTAC and all other WUSTL Key enabled applications. When you create your WUSTL Key you will also be prompted to set up Secret Questions and answers, which can help you if forget your WUSTL Key.

Forgot Your Password

If you have forgotten your WUSTL Key password and you have set up your Secret Questions, go to the WUSTL Key help website: Alternatively you can go to the login page for WebSTAC. Click the login button. On the WUSTL Key login page, click the Forgot My Password link.