To update an address go to Student Information>Contact Information then click the “Add New Address” link to add a new address type or click the “change address” link for an existing address that needs to be updated. Examples of address types include:

  • Parent
  • Home
  • Local
  • Diploma Mailing Address
  • Emergency Contact

All students must maintain current address and telephone number information in WebSTAC. This information is essential in the course of conducting official University business and critical if the student, parent or spouse should need to be contacted in an emergency situation.

It is the responsibility of the student to see that his/her contact information is accurate. The student may be held responsible for any and all University information sent to the addresses provided.

  • The local address record in WebSTAC must reflect the student’s residence address while attending classes.
  • The home address record in WebSTAC should reflect a permanent address where the student can be contacted during vacation and break periods.
  • At least one telephone number must be provided with each address, and may be a cell phone, land-line, or pager number.

Students may place Information Restrictions on addresses or phone numbers to block them from being available to the public.

eMail Address

Washington University provides the majority of students with email accounts and University email addresses. In doing so, the University presumes that the student will read his/her email. WU faculty and administrators may therefore use email for the delivery of important notices; teaching faculty are provided with the email addresses of all students in their classes; academic advisors are provided with email addresses for all student advisees. Students in some academic divisions will find that their email address record in WebSTAC is field-protected. If your email address record in WebSTAC is NOT blocked, it is your responsibility to maintain this information so the University always has a current email address for you.

Email and computing services at WU are managed by the individual schools. New students typically receive information in the mail during the summer prior to their arrival on campus about their email account and address. Click HERE for more information about email and computing services at the schools.

For more information on @wustl forwarding using a University email address, click HERE.